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Internet Yield acquires and operates an extensive portfolio of websites – friendly, smooth and fair deals is in our DNA

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Your website is a business – We get it! Our business is to acquire your business.


Why should you sell to us?

The most common question we hear is, “Why would anyone sell a profitable website?” While there are numerous reasons why, the most typical is a need for instant cash flow, a loss of interest, or a shortage of time.

As serial entrepreneurs, we’ve been there. We’ve sold profitable businesses simply because we lost motivation, needed the capital, or couldn’t put in the time required to keep them thriving. We’ve also sold solely based on the fact that the future revenue was too risky over the guaranteed cash on the table.

We founded Internet Yield with one promise in mind – to help website owners, like you, get a fair market valuation when you’re ready to exit. Being in your shoes before, we know how hard of a decision this is for you. That’s why we’ll work with you every step of the way, making this a smooth and friendly transition.

Dan Egerstad, Founder

“Although the IY team spends most of our days on improving the portfolio websites, I truly enjoy digging into the details from sellers. Hearing the story, crunching the numbers and finding a fair deal for the seller that works for us as well.

Every new acquisition will eventually land on my table – It’s always a privilege!”

Adam Ljungrell, Founder

“Knowing that 100% of the sellers are satisfied is something that makes my days even better. It is a wide spectrum of sellers from all over the world”

We look at every single site when you reach out to us. Within a few days you get a cash offer

1 Qualification

Will your site fit well into the IY portfolio?

2 Due Diligence

We perform a due diligence process on traffic, content and revenue

3 Cash offer

You get a fair market value as a cash offer

4 Signing

In our deals, we use standard contracts to protect both parties
Our portfolio

We operate a comprehensive portfolio to limit risks while maintaining high profitability